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Sector 9 Skiddles

Sector 9 SkiddlesThe newest set of Sector 9 wheels has been released: The Sector 9 Skiddles! The first set of sideset freeride wheels, the Skiddles joins Sector 9’s already awesome freeride wheel lineup. A lineup that includes the classic and thaney Butterballs: a set of race formula freeride wheels, in 78, 80, and 83a. The Skiddles come in a sideset desgin that’s perfect for easing into freeriding. Having the bearing hub to the side of the wheel gives the wheel less urethane resisting your slides making freeriding easier than ever. With its rounded edges on both the outer and inner radiuses, you’re sure to never get hooked up on the road, keeping you sliding for longer. The Sector 9 Skiddles also comes in 5 extremely tasty colors, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. And of course the Sector 9 Butterballs were extremely thaney so you know the Skiddles will shred thane as well! They will completely cover your roads in thane lines. So if you’re ready to taste the thanebow, the Skiddles are perfect for you.

Star Wars Skateboards by Santa Cruz

Star Wars Skateboards

In a board shop not so far away, a series of skateboards restored Gnar to the Galaxy. The Star Wars Skateboards Collection by Santa Cruz Skateboards is finally here. What took George Lucas so long to make this happen? We don’t know. But what we do know is that the wait is finally over.

The Darth Vader Skateboard, The Princess Leia Skateboard, the Han Solo Skateboard, and the Boba Fett Skateboard. They are all here and ready to roll. Usually, we review the boards we sell. But, seriously, what more do we really have to say? It’s Star Wars!!! Check it.

All New Sector 9 Boards

Sector 9 RockerSector 9 has been killing it in the industry for a long time now and they’re still keeping it up! To keep you riding fast and hard they have released two completely new boards to help you go even harder than ever! The all new Sector 9 Rocker, and the all new Sector 9 Mini Daisy! TheSector 9 Rocker is the newest addition to sector 9′s downhill freeride division and it is perfect for doing exactly just that. Its combination of rocker and concave keep you locked in, while the recessed truck mounts keep you stable and riding smooth. The most outstanding feature of the board though is its design. It’s four layers of triaxel fiberglass sandwiching three layers of maple. This makes the board much lighter while still remaining speed stiff. This is the first that Sector 9 has incorporated fiberglass into their boards, but you can expect more of their lineup to follow in the footsteps of the Rocker. One of the other super rad boards Sector 9 released is the Mini Daisy. This board follows in the design of its big sister, the Daisy. It has rocker on the standing foot platform but has flat truck mounts, it has a smaller wheelbase making it more nimble and agile than its big sister. And of course it has the sweet kicktail. But what’s rad is that when you team up the Rocker and the Mini Daisy, you’ll have a quiver that’ll do it all! The Rocker is hands down an amazing freeride and downhilling machine, while the Mini Daisy is sweet for technical freeriding as well as freestyling. So by teaming these two boards up, you’ll have a quiver that’ll fit the Northwest style of skating which is “skate everything.” Whether it’s the Rocker or the Mini Daisy, both are sweet additions to any longboard quiver!

The Madrid Nessie has Risen from the Depths

Madrid Nessie LongboardWe at DBS have taken a few months traversing the world, on the hunt constantly, exploring all kinds of wilderness and we have finally found her. We have finally spotted Nessie and we brought her back to headquarters! Yes we have a legend in the house! Ok, it’s not actually the Loch Ness Monster… It’s actually the new Madrid Nessie! And it’s one monster of a board! It’s a rad freestyle, freeride, and technical downhill board.

The Madrid Nessie is 38.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and has wheelbase options of 23.5 and 24.5. We know that this is what you thane shredders have been craving: A do-it-all wheelbase. It’s short and nimble so that all of your freeriding needs are met because this way you’ll actually be on top of your trucks rather than the inside of them. This makes direct leverage over your trucks and wheels much easier so you have complete control over your board. This is especially nice when you’re incorporating spins into your riding because the direct leverage is nice when there is a lot of transitioning between regular and goofy. You’ll be in complete control at all times!

The best feature of this board has to be the intense amount of rocker that comes with it. This board has .75 inches of rocker. That’s the most we’ve ever seen on the market, and we love it. The rocker makes this one of the most comfortable board we’ve ever stood on! We know that some of you worry though. “Won’t the rocker raise the angle of my trucks and make my board less stable?” Yes it will! Good thinking valued rider! But Madrid also thought of that. That’s why they put recessed truck mounts to negate the effects of the rocker on the trucks. To add to the boards already awesome features, Madrid combined both wheel flares and wheel wells so that not only do you get a ton of wheel clearance but you also get awesome pockets to fit your feet into.

But what is that strange black top you ask? It’s Formica! Why use that instead of wood? Well for one, it lets you keep the board speed stiff so that you can charge large hills! And two, it is actually a vibration dampener so that your ride remains smooth and cool. Throw in a micro kicktail and you have a board that’s just amazing! It may be more common than the loch ness monster, but the Madrid Nessie is just as big of a sight to behold!

Original Vecter 37 – The old concave you love now comes in a sick downhill board.

Original Vector 37 Longboard
Original Skateboards takes the Diamond Drop concave that you’ve known and puts it in what they call the all new, Original Vecter 37. This board has so many features that we are super excited about. The first feature you’ll see in the board is the giant wheel well flares. They are straight up massive. The ultimate point of reference. They’re key to knowing where your feet are at all times. It also features wheel clearance like you’ve never seen before. Downhillers always want a larger wheel to reach that maximum velocity and Original addressed this by giving you the wheel clearance to run 75mm+ wheels with no chance of wheelbite! Original Vecter 37 comes in 5 plies of maple and 2 plies of Quad Axial Fiberglass. This results in a board that is pliable in ways never seen before. Using this construction, Original was able to give you complete lock in when you team up the wheel well flares with the drop platform. A complete bowl concave, so much so that you could eat your breakfast cereal out of it before you go riding! The Vecter 37 is a completely symmetrical downhill board so if you’re ready to take your riding to the next level and start mobbing hills switch, the Vecter 37 can handle it. So for a great downhill board, a freeride board, a sweet campus cruising setup, with just a dash of freestyle thrown in there, the Vecter 37 can do it all!

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards probably need no introduction, but just in case they are new t you, here’s the scoop. Penny Boards are the classic short plastic boards you’ve seen around the streets for years. What makes them dope? Well first, is that they are just so compact that it makes them super convenient. Easy to throw around, easy to carry, easy to push around. Life’s easy with a Penny board.

Some might ask: how durable is a board that’s made out of plastic? We know all of you wood pushers are wondering this. Well, this makes the deck waterproof. But as far as durability goes, Penny Boards got what you need. Just a simple search of videos of Penny boards reveals them being ran over by cars. They survive! Yes they aren’t just any regular plastic. They are a flex plastic that’ll bend underneath the car instead of snapping in half. So they are super durable. On top of that, the small size and small wheelbase makes this board super easy to cruise the city, taking every tight turning radius in your path.

Not only does Penny make Penny boards, they also make the Nickel! For those who might want something a little bigger, Penny has gotten your back by releasing the Nickel. Maybe one day they’ll release a downhill board size called the Quarter! And don’t forget, they come in a ton of different and awesome color combinations. Penny boards also look great through Instagram filters so your friends know how awesome you are (#stoked). It’s the perfect board for all of your cruising needs!

Omen Longboards are Now at Daddies!

Omen LongboardsDaddies Board Shop has a new addition to the family. And one from the Pacific Northwest as well. We’d like to welcome Omen Longboards to the DBS family. We have several Pacific Northwest companies but we know that there is always room for more. Omen Longboards has one of the most well rounded series out there. It starts out with their double kick series. The Trud Series comes in three different sizes: The Trud Mini, the Trud Skinny, and the Trud Fatty. The Truds give you the freedom to skate anything from mini ramp boards to parks, to tech sliding to freeriding and city cruising. Then next in the lineup comes the Omen Sugar. The Sugar is the most versatile freeride downhill board out there. It’s perfect size for either fast freeriding, or slow freeriding with some awesome city slashing. It all just depends on how you setup your wheelbase. With a sweet 5-inch kicktail and wheel well flares with rocker, it’s perfect and comfortable for whatever you want to ride. But Omen even gives you a mini version of that. The Mini Sugar is the rad setup for slow freeriding as well as city slashing and destroying. But don’t let the word mini scare you, because the Mini Sugar can still handle the mild hills you try and want to throw at it. But of course no lineup is complete without the ultimate downhill board and setup. That is why Omen throws the Spawn at you. Yes the classic top mount directional setup with a comfortable W concave in it as well. But not only is there the W concave but the bubble drop platform turns it into the T bar concave so that you are locked in at all times. It’s definitely all about going fast and beating your friends down the hill with the Spawn. So whether it’s a freeride, downhill, or cruiser you’re looking for, you can find exactly the style of board you want to ride in the awesome Omen Lineup. Give this amazing Pacific Northwest company a try and check them out. You’ll be happy with any board that you get from them.

What Are the New Orangatang Freeride Wheels?

Let me tell you. We have three super stars in the building. The Orangatang Keanu, Orangatang Kilmer, and Orangatang Cage. No, not the actors. We don’t have that kind of budget at Daddies Board Shop. But what we do have is three of the most anticipated freeride wheels on the market. The new Orangatang freeride wheels! “What’s so awesome about them DBS? There are already a million freeride wheels on the market.” We would tell you that there are a million freeride wheels, but you of course want the best of the best freeride wheels out there, and that’s what Orangatang has brought to you. The Keanu, the Kilmer, and the Cage are going to be the all-star team for your next setup. The most obvious thing about the wheel is the new large core. We’ve been seeing a lot of companies doing this lately and there is good reason for it. This supports the urethane a lot more than your average core, making it so that your wheels have the fastest roll speed possible. If you’re still into slow freeriding, you’re blowing it! But on top of the roll speed, it supports the urethane and keeps everything tight, giving you no slop on the thane when you slide. What does that mean? Your slides will be perfect for putting on pancakes. They’ll be butter. Haha! All three of these wheels are also centerset. So when you start wearing down these wheels you’ll be able to rotate the wheels so that they’ll last longer. But that’s something you won’t have to worry about because the core gives the wheel a more even wear pattern so that you’ll be able to skate this and love it straight to the core. That’s if you ever get to the core because the urethane is so durable and will last forever. Especially when you are deciding between the 80a, 83a, and 86a and go with the durable and slidey 86a! But what are the differences between the three wheels? The first is the Keanu being a 66mm wheel. The smaller wheel also has the smallest contact patch of the three, making this wheel easier to initiate slides, and the slipperiest of the three. Next comes the Kilmer at 69mm in size. The Kilmer is the all around size and the perfect combination of high speed as well as easy initiation into slides. The Kilmer will be a larger wheel while still avoiding the awful wheelbite. The Kilmer is perfect for those who don’t know what size to get, get the perfect medium! And then there is the Cage. The Cage is designed for fast riding with the 73mm contact patch. It has the fastest top speed of all three wheels and also the widest contact patch. The Cage is also great for technical downhill courses it’ll be perfectly smooth for predrifts with it’s high roll speed. So pick up one of these three all new centerset freeride wheels today! Or even all three! The Keanu on your short double kick board, the Kilmer on your freeride board, and the Cage on your downhill setup!

Come Over to the Darkside – The Rayne Darkside

Rayne DarksideIn a Galaxy far far away… Or just in Portland, Oregon… A new board has arrived… The Rayne Darkside… Cue the music for the Imperial March. Yes that’s right. We at Daddies Board Shop are now on the Darkside. Well… maybe we’re not, but we put in our application to rent out the Death Star. But for now our feet will be on the Darkside! If you haven’t seen it yet, this board is the new single kick setup coming from Rayne longboard. This is the first single kick Rayne has released and it is nothing less than perfect. Awesome features about this board is obviously the kick. The bamboo and fiberglass design of this board gives it a really special pop feeling when you’re trying to get some air. It’s different yes, but a good kind of different. A new kind of different, a different side, the Dark side… Ok, maybe we should be done with the Dark Side references… But they’re just too good not to make! Well, if all you want to hear about is the board then fine… This board comes in with a 23 inch wheel base option all the way to 25 inches giving you the ability to either have the shorter wheelbase to do really quick 180 spins and 360 stand up slides or you can put it at the longer wheelbase so that it’s more stable to go much bigger and do nimble downhilling and also the ability to do huge stand up slides. Along with this wheelbase comes the classic radial drop you have seen from Rayne before. This Radial drop locks your feet in whether you want to go mobbing or go downhilling or just to feel good underneath your feet. Wait, feeling good? More like feels devilishly great. Yeah that’s the way to put it. There’s nothing good or nice about the DARKside. It’s just devilishly awesome. Then also comes in the bacon concave. Which are ripples of waves down the side of the board like, well, like bacon! It gives you plenty of concave for your feet whereever you put it, and what says Rayne Darkside more then the smoked and cooked dead carcass of an animal? As far as we know or as Rayne is concerned, we would say nothing. Go to our website today and check it out! The quicker you order the faster it will ship from the Death Star. Yep, we got approved to rent out the Death Star so we will be relocating soon. Very soon.

Rayne Piranha and Ranye Future Killer

Rayne Future Killer and Rayne PiranhaOh man! We’re making it Rayne at Daddies Board Shop! Two new boards just came in! We are now stocked on the new Rayne Piranha and the new Rayne Future Killer! Get stoked on going fast, going sideways, and straight up winning podiums because that’s all you’ll be able to do with these new boards. The new Piranha is a double drop board with a 5/8″ radial drop giving you a locked in feeling when tucking and racing. And because it’s so low, it’s also awesome for pushing! The Piranha is the baby brother to the Rayne Amazon. So for those of you who thought the Rayne Amazon is just a little bit too big, Rayne has answered your prayers! The smaller ride gives you a tighter turning radius, a quicker and more responsive ride, and gives an assist to those with smaller tucks.

On the second episode of “DBS Makes it Rayne,” comes the new Rayne Future Killer. The Rayne Future Killer is symmetrical enough to freeride without a care in the world, but is directional enough so that downhilling on it you’ll always have a front and a back so that you will never lose direction. What does that mean? The Future Killer is setup so that the board is completely symmetrical. Consequently, when you freeride it doesn’t matter which way you’re riding it. “But Daddies, you just said it’s also directional??” We’re getting to that! Yes, the board is completely symmetrical, but the W concave in the board and on the standing foot platform is not symmetrical. The Rayne Future Killer is introducing something new in Rayne we haven’t seen before. The back has the standard W concave you’ve always known and loved but the front has a new bubble dome concave. This will lock your feet in for when you tuck, and your front foot will be caressed on all sides by the Radial concave in the front and bubble dome concave in the back of your foot. Your toes and heel will be locked in by the wheel well flares and pleasure dome concave. 100% locked in feeling for the ULTIMATE tuck. This will ensure you never lose your tuck making you the fastest shredder down the hill! We are so stoked we’re on our way to setting one up right now… We’ll be right back….

Now that we’re done putting Vicious grip on the Future Killer we’ll fill you in lastly on why you should join the Rayne game. Both these boards are speed stiff giving you the ability to race and charge any mountain path in your way. And then both of these boards are made from vertically laminated bamboo and tri axel fiberglass making them extremely durable boards! And last but not least, each board has a bees wax finish around the edges making them water resistant and giving them a sweet honey scent! If you’re looking for the perfect boards, check out the new Rayne Piranha and new Rayne Future Killer. Make it Rayne Thane!